150x150px-june-free-shippingHave you set a new business-building target? Are you striving to achieve higher weekly cycles? Perhaps a new rank? Luckily, FREE SHIPPING* is still rolling out for the month of June** to help you skyrocket towards your goals!

Here’s how you can use this amazing offer to help reach your business-building goals:

  • Share the Free Shipping* offer with potential Associates or Preferred Customers on your contact list – and get your team to do the same with their contact list!
  • Follow up with people that you planted seeds with earlier this year and let them know about the offer to kickstart their Isagenix® journey
  • Check in with people that have made a resolution to lose weight or gain muscle to transform their body and let them know about this great incentive to get them started
  • Remind your team members – and get them to remind their own team members! – that they can receive Free Shipping* if their Autoship order is over the 200 BV mark
  • Try out some different products such as Isagenix Greens! or Want More Energy? using the ‘Try Once’ feature on Autoship. With Free Shipping* applying to Autoship orders of 200 BV or more, it’s a great way to experience all the great products Isagenix has available!

Remember, the offer is open to all Australian and New Zealand Associates and Preferred Customers with Autoship orders of 200 BV or more and for new Associates and Preferred Customers who join with Autoship with an initial order of 200 BV or more.

Check here for more details about how Free Shipping* can boost your business this June!**

*The offer does not apply to Wholesale orders.
**The offer starts Monday 1 June at 12:00am US EST (New York time) and ends Tuesday 30 June at 11:59pm US EST (New York time).