The heat is on! Last week to earn points for IsaDerby Hawaii

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Time flies when you’re having fun, which can only mean one thing! Everyone must be having an amazing time working with each other for a chance to experience IsaDerby Hawaii, whether as a team or an individual points earner. With less than one week to go for your points to accumulate, make the most of the next few days!

Meet IsaDerby Hawaii trainers Lynn Hagedorn and Michael Clouse (Video)

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Well it seems it’s not just us going troppo about IsaDerby Hawaii! Top event trainers and Isagenix® Associates Lynn Hagedorn and Michael Clouse are so excited to meet the Top 12 Teams and Wildcard Winners in Hawaii next year. With under two weeks left in the race, Lynn and Michael have a special message for your final push to get across that finish line.
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