300x150px hawaii isaderbyThere’s just over TWO WEEKS left to add to your IsaDerby Hawaii points tally! It’s time to ramp it up and make every point count! Here are some tips to help you get your place to the sun, surf and sand today!

Whether you’re introducing people to the Isagenix® Opportunity by taking guests along to the Breakthrough Tour, sharing products at Launch Parties or connecting online, these tips will help you boost your tally!

  • Review your training! Check out these useful flyers to make sure you’re up to scratch with the Compensation Plan, YOU + TWO, THEM + 2 at ANZ.IsagenixBusiness.com
  • Use your tools to help you enrol – check out the New Associate Checklist and other handy downloads to streamline your business building activities.
  • How is your team tracking? Check in with each other to work out what you need to do to get over the line.
  • 150x150px-IsaDerby-Hawaii-WildCards 051115Are you close to earning an Individual Wildcard or a Bonus Team Pass? Check your scoreboard in your Back Office and set your aim higher. How many points do you need to score and how can you achieve this in the next 14 days?
  • Follow up with people you’ve reached out to in the past. Share one of our informative videos and take the time to connect and see how Isagenix can make a difference in their lives.
  • Check everyones orders and Autoships. Who needs your support and guidance? Give them a helping hand and introduce them to the IsaOrder app!

We’re so excited to see who wins a place in the Top 12 Teams, the Individual Wildcards and the Bonus Team!

Check out the latest IsaDerby Hawaii Leaders Board here – and we’ll see you in Hawaii!