Kathy did it! Erik and Peta did it! Even Hayden did it! Did you?

This is your breakthrough year! Whether you’re looking to tone up, make more money, move some place exotic, or travel the world, step outside your comfort zone and share your 2015 Billion & Beyond: Together We Will #BreakthroughChallenge.

Did we mention you could win a trip to the French Rivera valued at $25,000+?

Check out Erik and Peta’s #BreakthroughChallenge video and see who they challenged in return.

Getting started

You’ve seen several of these videos go viral over the last several months and this challenge is no different! Here’s how you can participate in the #BreakthroughChallenge:

  1. Write your Billion & Beyond: Together We Will #BreakthroughChallenge goal on one side of an Isagenix box or other material. Then write the hashtag #TogetherWeWill on the reverse side.
  2. Record yourself holding up your board! Announce YOUR personal breakthrough challenge, then challenge two other Associates to do the same within the next 48 hours!
  3. End your video showing #TogetherWeWill on your board, and say “Together We Will break through $1 billion and celebrate in the French Riviera!”
  4. Next start sharing your video on your favourite social media channels! Be sure to tag the two people you challenged and include the hashtags: #BreakthroughChallenge and #TogetherWeWill.

Need some ideas? Check out Hayden’s #BreakthroughChallenge goal!

What is a breakthrough?

A breakthrough is a set goal that pushes you outside your comfort zone and helps you achieve success in a particular area. That specific area is your Isagenix business. The goal is to win a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the French Riviera, help Isagenix surpass $1 billion in global annual revenue and propel your business forward in the process!

Here’s an example of a #BreakthroughChallenge to help get you started.

“I challenge all of you to personally enrol three new people a day.” —Kathy Coover, Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President.

Ben K.’s 2015 #BreakthroughChallenge is pretty spot on. What are you waiting for?

Join in on the fun and share your #BreakthroughChallenge video today! The staff at Corporate will be hand selecting a few of your #BreakthroughChallenge videos to post on our Facebook page. Will we choose yours? To your success! #TogetherWeWill.