Our Global 90-Day Game Plan is nearly at the halfway mark!90dayGamePlan_post-1200x1200-300x300

By now you should have created solid, new habits and seen changes in your business. As a wise man, Eric Worre, author of ‘Go Pro,’ once said, “You can do anything for 90 days.” So, don’t lose momentum now! Take these tips and power through ‘til the very end!

1: Remember and Renew Your Vision

Open your 90-Day Game Plan workbook to page three. What did you write? What did you draw? It motivated you at the beginning, so use it to refuel the your game plan.

2: Plan, Do, Review

Take a few minutes to step back and review what you’ve been doing and how it’s been working.

Anything that’s been working well, keep doing it. Anything that hasn’t been working, you should change. Life (and the 90-Day Game Plan) is too short to waste time!

3: Use the Tools

Have you caught yourself trying to reinvent the wheel? Are you guilty of getting ready to get ready? Stop! Network marketing isn’t easy, but at Isagenix we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible by building tools for just about everything you do!

Check out Isagenix ANZ on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube as well as ANZ.IsaMovie.com, ANZ.IsagenixBusiness.com and IsaProductAU.com for prospecting and education. Learn about the science behind Isagenix at IsagenixHealth.net and stay up-to-date on Isagenix news at ANZ.IsaFYI.com. Learn and use three-way calls, ensure you can explain “You+Two, Them+2,” and most importantly, teach your team the importance of doing the same!