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You’ve done the hard work to build your team, now it’s about retaining your results! A growing business will always have its ups and downs, so we’ve outlined a few tools, contests and promotions that will keep your business on the up now and beyond your 90-Day Game Plan!

Coaching Bonus


The Coaching Bonus promotion is designed to reward retention and to help your business and income grow. Earn a Coaching Bonus by having an Active, personally-enrolled team member order a qualified Program or Pak on Autoship.

There are many benefits from the Coaching Bonus, including increased retention. When your team members are getting coached through Programs, the results are happy, long-term customers!

Find out here how you can make the Coaching Bonus work for you.

IsaBody Challenge®


Have you ever thought about incorporating the IsaBody Challenge into your arsenal of business building strategies? IsaBody can be an incredible tool for your building your team. Be sure to keep people motivated with texts, emails, encouraging social media posts and getting them to add themselves to Isagenix Facebook groups.

An inspired member is more likely to complete the Challenge, which, in turn, will benefit your business by boosting retention and order baskets.

Read 10 Tips for utilising the IsaBody Challenge to grow your business to find out more.



Last but not least, give someone some extra recognition this week for their successes and hard work. Sometimes all it takes is a small gesture of acknowledgement to keep someone striving to achieve their goals.

Combine the power of these tools and you’ll be sure to build a solid, long-term business!

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