It’s your chance to nominate your peers for the prestigious Spirit of Isagenix award, which will be presented onstage at our Strength In Momentum Celebration 2015 in Brisbane.

Nominating is easy! Simply send an email to and share in detail, how this person truly exemplifies the Spirit of Isagenix.

This voter’s choice award is presented to the Associate who exemplifies the Isagenix culture and mission statement.

Voting closes Friday 13 February.

Here’s what we’ve heard previously about the Associates you’ve nominated:Spirit-of-Isagenix-155x300

“This person has a passion for global health and for people everywhere to have healthy, prosperous, forever families. She has inspired thousands of big-hearted people to use Isagenix not only for their own health and financial freedom, but to serve others by bringing those same things to orphans and all those in need throughout the world. Her selfless passion for her own family and everyone she comes into contact with is the Spirit of Isagenix!”