1200x620 Half Price

If you have already purchased your ticket for Celebration 2016, we have some exciting news for you! For a limited time only we are rewarding our Celebration 2016 ticket purchasers by delivering an exclusive deal for you.

All ANZ members that have purchased a Celebration 2016 ticket will receive one coupon in their Back Office that entitles them to buy another ANZ 2016 Celebration General Session ticket for half price!

If you want more of your team in those seats next to you, be sure to jump onto your Back Office to secure your half price ticket! This offer is limited to one coupon per account, so please be aware that those who previously purchased several tickets will only receive one coupon.

How do I apply and claim my ‘half price coupon’?

1.    Head to your Back Office
2.    Select the ‘Orders’ tab and click ‘View/Manage Events’ in the drop down menu.
3.    Click the ‘Register’ button on National Celebration 2016
4.    Select the number of tickets you would like to purchase for general session and click ‘Purchase’
5.    Once on the Review and Checkout page select ‘View my Coupons’ and apply your coupon.

The secondary ticket must be then allocated out to an existing Isagenix Associate before March 4, 2016.

This offer is only available for members who have purchased Celebration tickets through their own Back Office. This offer is not available for those who purchased a ticket from another member or have received a transferred ticket.

Please note: This coupon is valid for Celebration 2016 General Session tickets only, so if you’re planning on attending IsaSpectacular or Gala you must secure these event tickets separately.

Are you ready to attend the biggest Event of 2016? Don’t attend the party alone. Take advantage of this incredible special offer now and be surrounded by your team as well as 5000 more of your Isagenix® friends.

Check out the FAQs on our Celebration Microsite to ensure you’re aware of all promotion details to avoid any disappointment.

*Members must allocate the ‘half price coupon’ ticket to another Isagenix associate prior to the ticket allocation date March 4, 2016. All coupons expire at 11.59pm on 4th March 2016 AEDT Time (Sydney).

**‘Half price coupon’ is not to be used in conjunction with any other event coupon or discount code. Only valid for Celebration 2016.