The Executive Leadership Bonus pool is rewarding even more Associates than ever! Take a look at our December winners and what they had to say about pocketing the extra  cash…

Peta-Kelly“I honestly rubbed my eyes when I saw the amount! Over Christmas there was a lot of celebrating and travel and I didn’t think I’d had enough business activity to win big in the pools. This just goes to show that when you and your team stick with even the smallest business habits over Christmas, you will be rewarded with this phenomenal company. To earn this over Christmas has blown me away. Truly, this company and this journey just gets better everyday.” Peta Kelly, 7 Star Golden Circle, 7 Star Crystal Executive


Brett-Davis-and-Samantha-Gascoigne“I can hardly contain my excitement about the huge transformational shift Isagenix has made to our lives and the Bonus Pool is just another amazing reward. The winnings are a direct reflection of how we’re tracking in our business and it just shows us that we’re heading the right way. The extra cash has removed the stress from our financial commitments and the Pools are just a bigger platform for us to share the Isagenix opportunity.” Brett Davis & Samantha Gascoigne, 4 Star Gold Circle, Crystal Executive


Carmen-&-Tom-Rumsey-Family“Winning a share in the pool was icing on the cake after an enjoyable 5-week holiday in England. The kids and extended family had such a fantastic time, that the extra cash was such a bonus! The winnings helped us attend the New Year ‘Together We Will’ Kick Off meetings in Dallas and what a learning experience that was! I’m so excited about the extra promotions extension as well, extra time to earn extra cash, how wonderful is that!” Carmen & Tom Rumsey, 4 Star Golden Circle, Executive


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