In August 2014, Isagenix and Make-A-Wish® did something magical. Live onstage at the US Isagenix Celebration event, they revealed that the wish of 12-year-old Ben would come true!

Ben is a brave boy who enjoys magic, watching educational videos on YouTube, and telling his friends about his favorite animal, the platypus. Ben’s wish was to meet a real platypus in Australia! As he stood beside his parents—Ingolf and Stephanie—he openly talked about being diagnosed with leukemia at age 10, his struggles and how he declared his hospital room a ‘no-cry zone’ to be strong for his mum. He also shared how he couldn’t wait to see his friends the following day at school after being absent for a year due to his treatment.

But before we could let Ben leave, we asked if he would attend NYKO and share his incredible journey with his new Isagenix family. With a big smile, he eagerly said “yes.”

True to his word, Ben returned, ready to tell everyone about his amazing journey. He even shared some of his favorite pictures from his trip!

See for yourself.

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Since 2010—with your support—Isagenix has raised close to $1.9 million, helping to grant 200 wishes.

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