If you’ve ever looked at the local service station in the energy drink section, you’d be quite justified in wanting to run in the opposite direction! Laden with large amounts of caffeine (or guarana, another form of caffeine), artificial flavours, colours, sugar and/or artificial sweeteners, these beverages are not your healthiest choice (being very polite!). Which is why we love our humble little e+… and here are a few reasons why we think you will too:

The perfect dose of caffeine

Caffeine, when consumed at a moderate dose, does a great job at improving your energy levels and alertness. On a molecular level, caffeine works because it’s similar to the neurotransmitter called adenosine. Throughout the day or when you’re lacking rest, adenosine builds up near certain receptors in the brain and signals the brain to slow down nerve activity. This, in turn, causes feelings of drowsiness and tiredness.

When you consume caffeine, it takes the place of adenosine on the receptors in the brain. But by keeping adenosine from signalling tiredness, caffeine has the opposite effect in speeding up nerve cells, which improves alertness and focus.

Derived from green tea and yerba mate, e+ deliver 90mg of caffeine, the ‘sweet spot’ of caffeine doses. In recent sports nutrition literature, low doses of caffeine (~1mg per kg body weight) have been shown to improve focus and concentration(2).

A clever blend of adaptogens

Adaptogens are a variety of bioactive plant compounds that work in a completely different way than stimulants to improve physical and mental performance.

Unlike caffeine, adaptogens work by normalising the body’s functions under stress (3-4). Adaptogens do this by specifically helping the body ‘adapt’ (hence the name) to better resist the effects of a given stressor. These can range from physical or mental stressors such as athletic activity or a mental task like writing.

Recent studies have found that adaptogens reduce mental fatigue, improve physical endurance and can aid recovery after intense physical activity (5-7). Paired with caffeine, these shots have recently been used in studies on athletic performance (8-9).

The caffeine and adaptogens in e+ work together so you can benefit from both to perform at your best when you need it most – in the gym, at the office, in a meeting, or just keeping up with life!

Natural ingredients, no preservatives

E+ have been thoughtfully created with juice concentrates for natural flavours and stevia to keep their sugar content relatively low. This is part of the reason that the typical ‘jitters’ and subsequent energy crash that may be experienced from other energy shots are kept at bay. There are also no nasty preservatives or artificial colours or flavours, which all add up to (what we think!) is the best-tasting, most effective, most natural energy lift in a 60mL shot!


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