Isagenix Celebrates 14th Anniversary With Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Today marks a special day in Isagenix® history! 14 years ago Jim and Kathy Coover and John Anderson took a chance and followed their dreams. Now their passion for health and wellness is being embraced by more than 500,000 Members in 14 countries.

IsaBody Challenge Round 2 Category Winners announced at #SKO2015

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We are so pumped to announce the IsaBody Challenge® category winners for Round 2 onstage at Summer Kick Off! With hard work, persistence and dedication, these Associates have completed their 16-week Challenge and achieved amazing transformations! Three cheers to these inspiring Associates – and to everyone who is working to transform their bodies and transform their lives!

Answers to 10 nutrition questions every runner should know

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Whether you are a seasoned runner or just starting out, the question of ‘what to eat’ can be baffling. Depending on the intensity, frequency and duration of exertion, the specific nutrition needed to properly fuel and aid in performance and recovery changes. The following answers will assist in helping you put sound nutrition practices into play. Remember – what you eat and drink can make or break your runs.
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