e+ Study Demonstrates Benefit of Adaptogens plus Caffeine Over Caffeine Alone

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When Jim and Kathy Coover co-founded Isagenix in 2002, they knew adaptogens — those specialised plants containing their own “secret sauce,” allowing them to thrive and survive the harshest of environments — would figure prominently. To ensure Isagenix utilised only the best science in its products, they turned to the “father of adaptogens” himself, Dr. Israel Brekhman. One of Dr. Brekhman’s specific adaptogenic blends was part of the inspiration for e+™.

Product Focus: Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis

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Getting the right nutrients at the right time is key to sustaining better health long-term but even with the right food, most people struggle to achieve the daily recommended amount of nutrition. Thanks to Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis, now there’s an easy and convenient way to get your daily nutritional support.
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