Regaining Vitality with the IsaBody Challenge

As a mother of two young children, Simone De Graaf leads a busy life. After living a relatively healthy and active lifestyle with little thought and concern about her health and weight, Simone soon began to notice a change in her body after her 35th birthday. “At the age of 35, something happened,” Simone shares. “I soon noticed I was gaining excess weight and my energy levels were dropping rapidly. I would come home from work and dread performing daily tasks such as cooking dinner and caring Continue reading →

On a Mission with the IsaBody Challenge

Donna Birt is a woman on a mission. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Donna’s found herself a single mother with a huge amount of responsibility. After gaining 21 kgs during her pregnancy, she was in a rut and was eager to set a positive example for her daughter. Discover how she transformed her life with the help of the IsaBody Challenge. Continue reading →

Regaining Health and Wellness with the IsaBody Challenge

Prior to registering for the IsaBody Challenge, Lachlan was an Isagenix product-user who had achieved great success using the Isagenix system. An advocate for the Isagenix products and eager to share them with the world, Lachlan began sharing his passion for the products and his new lifestyle. Focusing on other people’s goals, Lachlan found he was putting his health second to others. See how this IsaBody Challenge regained balance in his life with the IsaBody Challenge. Continue reading →