As a mother of two young children, Simone De Graaf leads a busy life. After living a relatively healthy and active lifestyle with little thought and concern about her health and weight, Simone soon began to notice a change in her body after her 35th birthday. “At the age of 35, something happened,” Simone shares. “I soon noticed I was gaining excess weight and my energy levels were dropping rapidly. I would come home from work and dread performing daily tasks such as cooking dinner and caring for my family.”

A usually social and lively person, Simone felt herself begin to withdraw. “I’ve looked forward to being a mother and I love spending time with my children so I didn’t want this time to pass me by just because I was tired,” she explains. “I suddenly hated looking at myself in the mirror and would avoid attending work functions and nights out.”

After sharing her struggles with a colleague, she was introduced to the Isagenix® System. “My colleague had achieved amazing results using the products,” she says. “I was eager to get started but felt guilty at the thought of spending the money on myself. Luckily, my husband encouraged me to take the plunge. As soon as I received my first Pack, I registered for the IsaBody Challenge™. Enough was enough and I was ready to make a change.”

Simone’s determination throughout the Challenge resulted in an 18 kg weight loss, a surge in energy levels and a newfound respect for herself. “I began to become a better mum, wife and friend. The tasks that I used to feel were a chore once again became enjoyable to me. I felt I had re-gained my life.”

“By completing the IsaBody Challenge, I have been able to achieve milestones I never thought were possible. I’ve gained a strong passion for life and motherhood and I can honestly say I haven’t felt the way I do now since I was 20. I can’t thank the IsaBody community enough for all the support they have provided along the way.”