Andrew Stiver
Age: 42
Hometown: Napier, NZ
Weight Released: 13 kg

Andrew Stiver entered his IsaBody Challenge® with a clear goal in mind. With the intention of losing 45 kgs and gain entry into the 100 Pound Club, Andrew set out on a mission to improve his physical health but during the Challenge, Andrew gained more than just his health back.

Making a conscious decision to improve his health was an important step in Andrew achieving more than just his health goals. “I’m a very giving person, to the point where I will always put others before myself even if it affects me in a negative way,” shares Andrew. “I wanted to take control of my health as a stepping stone to taking control of my life as well.”

Flexing his mental muscles, Andrew participated in the Healthy Mind and Body program as a way to kick off his personal development. “I was releasing excess weight while also educating myself on personal development,” says Andrew. “I was beginning to grow stronger and gain belief in myself. I learnt the importance of taking care of myself first.”

Having now hit his goal of a 45 kg weightloss, Andrew has gained entry into the 100 Pound Club and couldn’t be prouder of his physical and mental growth. “I am so grateful for the IsaBody Challenge,” says Andrew. “It has allowed me to inspire not only myself but also my family, helping them also reach their health goals. I have undergone immense personal growth while smashing my health goals and I couldn’t have done it without the IsaBody Challenge.”

720px-honourable-mention-paiton-whitakerPaiton Whitaker
Age: 21
Hometown: SA, AU
Weight Released: 25 kg

Lacking energy and motivation was the norm for Paiton. A mother to her one year old daughter, Paiton was dissatisfied with the example she was setting. “I never had enough energy to play with her for more than twenty minutes,” shares Paiton. “I felt uncomfortable with the way I looked so we would never go out in public. I came up with excuses to not change my lifestyle and continued down that path.”

Fearing for her health and her daughter’s future, Paiton took up the IsaBody Challenge. “I had constant cravings for takeaway foods and would eat chocolate every night before bed,” says Pation. “I relied on food for enjoyment but I knew I needed to break the bad habits for the sake of my daughter.”

It wasn’t an easy journey for Paiton, admitting to encountering stumbling blocks along the way. “There were so many days where I wanted to give up,” admits Paiton. “Seeing the small changes week to week motivated me to keep going and seeing the IsaBody Challenge support group cheering me on pushed me forward. I didn’t want to disappoint anyone but most of all, I didn’t want to disappoint myself.”

Successfully completing her 16-week challenge, life couldn’t be anymore different for Paiton. “I can run around after my daughter all day now!” says paiton. “I make sure we get outside every day together. There’s no going back from here. I am so grateful for the IsaBody Challenge and all it has encouraged me to achieve.”

Daniel Knight720px-honourable-mention-daniel-knightAge: 35
Hometown: NSW, AU
Weight Released: 2 kg

Awaiting the arrival of his first child, Daniel was eager to make a change to his health. “The very real reality of becoming a father was dawning on me,” says Daniel. “I always thought I’d be fit and energised and a great example for my child but I wasn’t. Middle age had caught up to me and I needed to start making changes for the sake of myself and my family.”

During the early stages of his Challenge, Daniel saw great results but admits to not committing himself completely to the lifestyle change. “I was seeing results but still made lazy choices with snacks and food in general,” shares Daniel. “That all changed though when I saw the results of others, completing transforming their lives from the inside out. I told myself it was now or never.”

With unwavering commitment to his goals, Daniel joined a group training gym and followed the Isagenix® nutrition system to a tee. “I took inspiration and advice from others who had completed the Challenge,” says Daniel. “Equipped with my goals and support from my family and the IsaBody Challenge community, I felt unstoppable.”

Completing his Challenge, Daniel discovered his passion for helping others and changing lives. “I think of all the amazing IsaBody Challenge journeys I’ve been inspired by and never thought mine would be one,” says Andrew. “At the start, I thought the reward was a fit, healthy body but the real reward has been inspiring others. I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration and help from those who went before me.”

720px-honourable-mention-rasa-gecaiteRasa Gecaite
Age: 33
Hometown: Auckland, NZ
Weight Released: 8 kg

As a new mother, Rasa was feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy with her reflection. No longer comfortable in her clothes, Rasa began to lose confidence in her herself. “I felt disappointed in myself as a mother and a wife,” admits Rasa. “I felt somewhat defeated and wondered if this was how I’d feel forever. I didn’t feel like myself.”

After her husband, Tomas, signed up for the IsaBody Challenge, Rasa watched his progress closely. “To my surprise, Tomas had the most amazing transformation,” says rasa. “Although still sceptical, I felt inspired to embark on my own health and wellness journey.”

Rasa wasn’t prepared for the incredible journey she was about to experience after registering for her own IsaBody Challenge. “When Tomas took my ‘before’ photos, it motivated me even more,” shares Rasa. “The woman in those photos did not represent a healthy body image, both physically and mentally. I already felt defeated but I didn’t allow it to stop me.”

Following the Isagenix system, Rasa began to notice small changes. “I would wake up feeling light and refreshed,” says rasa. “I began lifting weights at the gym and even jogging, which I previously didn’t enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised by my huge boost in mood and energy.”

After completing her life-changing 16-week challenge, Rasa is feeling more confident than ever. “The IsaBody Challenge helped me to not only change my body but also my mind,” says rasa. “I feel I have become the woman, mother and wife I deserve to be.”