Claudia Tomczyk

Age: 23
South Australia, AU
Weight Loss/Gain during this Challenge:
Gained 1 kg lean muscle
Challenges Completed: 2
Weight Loss Overall: 10.5 kgs

Excited by the weight loss she achieved during her first IsaBody Challenge®, Claudia immediately registered for her second Challenge with a new goal of gaining lean muscle and increasing her performance in the gym. “The results I achieved and the routines I set myself up with during my first Challenge really inspired me to ‘start, complete and REPEAT’,” she exclaims. “This Challenge was different for me because I had a big change in focus and goals. My intention was to really take things to the next level.”

With her vision expanding to not only change her own life but to empower others to change theirs, Claudia worked hard to transform her body, mindset and overall health. “I had a vision that if I could continue to stay consistent and be a product of the product, I’d inspire people through my actions,” she explains. “My aim was to show people that there is no quick fix and results come from a consistent, balanced lifestyle.”

Incorporating the AMPED™ line into her routine, increasing her kilojoules and following the Isagenix System, Claudia worked closely with a personal trainer focusing on sculpting her body with weight training sessions three times a week and increasing her fitness with cardio-based exercises twice a week. “I can proudly say that I have not missed a training session thanks to the in-built accountability provided by the Challenge and community,” she says. “It really does come down to consistency and time.”

Loving the changes she has seen in her body, Claudia is eager to register for her third Challenge with her vision clearer than ever. “Thanks to the IsaBody Challenge I feel so confident in my own skin. I love that I don’t feel guilty anymore when I choose to indulge because I understand nutrition better and am living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Bring on the next Challenge!”

Daniel Tauteka

Age: 36
New South Wales, AU
Weight Loss/Gain during this Challenge:
Lost 36.3 kgs
Challenges Completed: 1

Before Isagenix® and the IsaBody Challenge, stress ruled Daniel Tauteka’s life. Working over 60 hours a week to keep up with demand in his job, Daniel found he had little time to spend on himself and his family. “I was too busy to manage what I was eating daily, often skipping meals and making up for it later in large portions,” he admits. “Even worse, when it came to the weekends, I was too tired to spend the time with my family and spent most of the time catching up on sleep.”

A serial yo-yo dieter, when Daniel was introduced to Isagenix he was sceptical. “I previously didn’t know how to keep the weight off, so I’d lose some for a short period of time then gain it all back,” he shares. “I felt I may as well give it a shot and I was encouraged to sign up for an IsaBody Challenge to keep me accountable.”

Now more than 36.3 kgs lighter, Daniel couldn’t be prouder. “I feel so much more alert and have a more relaxed approach when it comes to solving day-to-day problems,” he says. “I have more energy so have no need to spend my weekends sleeping which allows me more quality time with my family. My understanding of nutrition has completely changed which has had a great ripple effect in my family.”

Feeling fitter, stronger and more powerful than ever, Daniel loves motivating others by sharing his IsaBody journey. “I’m one of the oldest guys on my rugby team and am running rings around the younger guys in their 20s!” he says. “I’ve already registered for a second Challenge and can’t wait to see what I achieve next.”

Lesley Mathison

Age: 62
Victoria, AU
Weight Loss/Gain during this Challenge:
Lost 5.5 kgs
Challenges Completed: 4
Weight Loss Overall: 8.5 kgs

After achieving incredible weight-loss results during her first three IsaBody Challenges, Lesley had a goal to improve her fitness, endurance and recovery in her most recent Challenge.

With 42 years of competitive netball under her belt, Lesley had a vision to take her performance to the next level. “I have always been relatively healthy and active but I noticed my digestion becoming sluggish and my body holding onto excess weight,” she shares. “I put the changes down to age but I soon learned it was my nutrition that was lacking.”

Starting her Isagenix journey four years ago, Lesley felt inspired to register for the IsaBody Challenge as a way to track her progress and help her stay accountable. “I rarely had a good night’s sleep and struggled to lose weight,” she explains. “I didn’t expect to achieve the results I did and it inspired me to start, complete, repeat.”

Losing centimetres and recovering faster after physical activity, Lesley feels fitter, stronger and more toned than ever. “Registering for multiple IsaBody Challenges has not only made me strive for continuous improvement, it’s changed my whole outlook on the ageing process,” she explains. “I feel like I’ve turned back the clock and now at 62, I feel like I’m in my 40s again.”

With growing belief in herself, Lesley is inspired to show others how to age healthily and live life as the best version of themselves. “The Challenge has made me feel confident and motivated, allowing me to believe I can lead by example. It has reignited my passion to introduce, share and guide others to improve their health and lives.”

Joseph Huiarangi

Age: 37
Queensland, AU
Weight Loss/Gain during this Challenge:
Lost 15.8 kgs
Challenges Completed: 1

It took Joseph two attempts at the IsaBody Challenge before his mindset was in the right place. “I had attempted two Challenges and pulled out,” he admits. “My third attempt and first completion was inspired by the 2016 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner, Sarah McMinn. I saw her continue to ‘start, complete, repeat’ and I knew if I truly wanted to be a leader, I needed to do the same.”

Loving the products and actively building his Isagenix business since 2014, Joseph could never quite commit to the 16 week challenge.When I think about what had held me back in past Challenges, it was that I was constantly comparing myself to others and their results,” he shares. “I soon began to realise that this was my own journey and my own path – not someone else’s.”

Losing his father to heart disease when he was just nine years old, Joseph vowed that his path would be different. “My father was only 33 at the time of his death and his lifestyle choices leading up to that point were poor,” he explains. “I didn’t want my son to grow up without a father the way I had, so I began using the Isagenix products as a way to take control of my health.”

Completing the 16-week challenge has taken Joseph’s belief and journey to a whole new level, with the father learning the importance of accountability and goal-setting. “The IsaBody Challenge has taught me to focus on my goals first and run my own race,” he shares. “It has helped me set concrete goals and follow through with the steps required to achieve them.”

Determined to keep his momentum alive, Joseph has already registered himself for another Challenge and is continuing to set and smash goals. “I have bigger goals than ever before for this next Challenge,” he says. “Sharing my journey helps to keep me accountable and gives me the motivation and belief that I can inspire people.”