Develop your contact list
Reference pages 19-20 90-Day Action Play
Know anyone else who wants better health, more freedom or even a little more money? Now is your chance to build your contact list. Create a list of 20 people who might be interested in using the products and another 20 people who might be interested in building a business.

Use the ‘Who do you know?’ list on page 20 of the 90-Day Action Plan.

Pick 10 and connect online
This week, your 90-Day Action Plan challenge is to pick 10 people from your list to connect with online.  And when we say ‘connect’, we don’t mean copying and pasting a template message to 10 people on Facebook or sending a video without any context. The goal is to build a genuine friendship and find how you can help before offering a solution.

Do this by asking questions and listening to the people around you. What’s new in their lives? Have there been any big changes? Are they looking for something different? Digest the information they give you throughout your conversation and consider if there is a way an Isagenix Solution could help.

Review some tips for connecting authentically on page 21 of your 90-Day Action Plan workbook.

Get into action
Remember that Isagenix Systems are scientifically tested to produce results, so be confident. You offer solutions that help people reach their goals! Give them a sample of the product and use the tools to share your experience.

Week 1 Action Plan Summary:

  • Create a list of 20 people who might be interested in Isagenix
  • Reach out to 10 of them online and connect authentically

Now get out there and connect!