Get New Members Started
This week, let’s take some time to welcome your new Customers. Schedule time this week to make sure that everyone is having the best experience with their products and that they know how to manage their account. This is your time to answer questions! If someone is ordering a system, walk them through how to do a Shake Day and a Cleanse Day. Ensure they are aware of all of the resources Isagenix has to offer by showing them the freshly updated IsaProductAU.com to find product information on their own.

If you’re unable to meet up or connect on the phone, utilise the IsaTools app to send tools that may help your Customers understand their products and how to use them.

Next, be sure you introduce your Customers to the IsaBody Challenge® and Healthy Mind and Body.

Perks of the IsaBody Challenge:

•             Accountability and community support via Facebook

•             $200 product coupon, certificate and IsaBody T-shirt upon completion

•             Opportunity to win cash prizes include the $10,000 grand prize

Perks of Healthy Mind and Body:

•             60 days of focused accountability toward goals

•             Mindset development toward a healthier and mindful lifestyle

•             It pays for itself! Only $39.99 but upon completion you receive a $45 product coupon

Develop Your Contact List
Now that you’ve decided on a date, it’s time to start thinking about your guest list. Be sure to include those on your Warm Prospects list and any Customers you have who may be interested in learning more about the business. This week, focus on creating interest and building a guest list.

Utilise social media to create interest and identify who among your friends can benefit from what you have to offer. Here are a few ideas to consider before making your own:

  • Share your favourite ‘before and after’ photo and give a little background
  • Pair your honest reason that you got started with Isagenix with an eye-catching image
  • Post the ‘Today is the Day’ on your feed and share why it inspires you
  • Take a picture of a particularly delicious shake you’ve prepared and describe it

When your friends comment or like your post, take note and add them to your list!


  1. Organising the event, setting a date and choosing location
  2. Developing my guest list
  3. Creating engaging posts on my social media platforms

“Our products work. You should be proud of that. That is the reason why we can share this with so much authenticity. Because they work!” – Dr. DelRae Messer, US NYKO 2017 90-Day Action Plan Trainer