Share and follow up
So far in this 90-Day Action Plan, you’ve actively connected with at least 20 people either online or in-person. That is already 20 more people you’ve added to your network who now know you can help them transform their life! This week, you are challenged to take-on 10 more people on your list and we encourage you to use the systems in place to share Isagenix.

  • Reach out to your next 10 people and invite them to an appointment or a team member’s in home launch party

As you continue to work through the 90-Day Action Plan, don’t forget to keep in touch with any other potential or existing customers outside of your list. Continue to create interest on social media and represent the brand in your daily life. This 90-Day Action Plan is meant to help guide you to try new skills and techniques that have been successful for Isagenix leaders and become better acquainted with the tools in place so you have time to do what you do best; share your experience!

Get into action

Week 3 Action Plan Summary:

  • Reach out to the next 10 people from your list and plug them into an in-person or virtual Isagenix presentation