How many of your Warm Prospects were you able to connect with last week? Were you able to discover more about their goals, answer any questions and share how Isagenix may be the solution to their success?

If you were not able to reach out to all your contacts, keep connecting this week until you have gone through your full list.

Keep adding to your contact list as you meet new people during your daily outings.

Over the past six weeks you have been actively building connections, so keep this up!

Chris Harder’s Open-Ended Questions

90-Day Action Plan Trainer Chris Harder took the stage at NYKO 2017 and shared the key open-ended questions he asks people to get them talking about their goals. Once you know what drives them, you have the opportunity to offer them a solution!

Try asking questions like:

“If you could design your ideal system to hit your goals, what would it look like?”
“What would it do for you and your family if you were able to reach your goals?”
“What have you liked about some of the solutions you have tried in the past?”
“If you were to own your ideal business, what would it look like?”

“Create a situation that you can control when you talk about Isagenix.” – Chris Harder, NYKO 2017 90-Day Action Plan Trainer


  1. Keep connecting with people on your contact list
  2. Continue adding people to your contact list
  3. Practice using open-ended questions to connect more organically with others

Now, let’s get into action!