Tickets are selling out FAST with only one week to go until the Breakthrough Tour kicks off! Due to popular demand, we’ve now made tickets available in your Back Office with no maximum purchase limit. Now you can bring as many Guests as you like* AND help them qualify for a Breakthrough Bundle Coupon! Get in quick before the Breakthrough Tour sells out!

Erik and Peta 121015The Breakthrough Tour is a unique experience designed to inspire Guests to embrace the Isagenix® Opportunity.

This unprecedented experience is not to be missed!

Join Erik Coover, Vice President of Global Field Development and Peta Kelly, 10 Star Platinum, 10 Star Crystal Executive, as they share the Isagenix Opportunity across Australia and New Zealand.

Help your Guests to qualify for a Breakthrough Bundle Coupon!

Guests will not only get the ultimate experience to learn about a new lifestyle of possibilities with the Isagenix opportunity, they will receive an exclusive Breakthrough Bundle Coupon if they join as an Isagenix Associate at the event and order the President’s Pak on Autoship!

The Breakthrough Bundle Coupon, valued at AUD $118 / NZD $151.67, allows your new Associates to add some extra goodies to their very first order*:

…But wait, there’s more!

If your Guest qualifies for this Breakthrough Bundle Coupon at the event, they will get an additional TWO coupons to complete YOU + TWO! If they help two friends join as Isagenix Associate’s on a President’s Pak on Autoship before November 23, those two new Associate’s will also receive a Breakthrough Bundle Coupon!

What a great way to give your new team a head start!

Find out more about our special Enrolment Offer for Guests at Breakthrough Tour and how to send a personal invitation to Breakthrough with Erik and Peta!

Buy your tickets in your Back Office for yourself and as many Guests as you’d like to bring* today!

For more details, check out our Isagenix Events website.

* When purchasing tickets in the Back Office, you will be able to purchase up to a maximum of 10 tickets in one transaction for the Breakthrough Tour. You must then allocate these tickets before you are able to purchase further tickets. Please ensure all tickets are allocated as soon as possible after purchasing.