While not everyone will be able to make it to National Celebration this weekend, there’s no reason why you should miss out on building your Strength In Momentum. We have some exciting news! We’ll be sharing live streaming segments so you can catch the event’s highly anticipated 90-Day Game Plan segments and share in the Celebration experience from the comfort of your home!

Join North America’s Sales and Marketing Supervisor, Jacki Palmer and Australia’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Justine McPherson, for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at National Celebration. Receive exclusive training to get your 90-Day Game Plan in motion from the region’s top leaders, live!

Simply log onto IsagenixLive.com at the below dates and times and enjoy!

Friday 6 March
0pm AEST
90-Day Game Plan: Belief in Yourself
Trainer: Peta K., Isagenix Millionaire, 10 Star Platinum, 9 Star Crystal Executive

Saturday 7 March
9:15am AEST
90-Day Game Plan: Your ‘Why’
Trainer: Jennifer J., 6 Star Golden Circle, 5 Star Crystal Executive

10:20am AEST
90-Day Game Plan: Why do a 90-Day Game Plan
Trainer: Heidi M., 8 Star Platinum, 4 Star Executive

3:15pm AEST
90-Day Game Plan: Get Your Products Paid For
Trainers: Jen P., Isagenix Millionaire, 12 Star Platinum, 12 Star Crystal Executive and Carmen Rumsey, 9 Star Platinum, 5 Star Executive

Sunday 8 March
11:35am AEST
90-Day Game Plan: Using the Tools
Trainers: Brett D. and Samantha G., 9 Star Platinum, 11 Star Crystal Executive

2:40pm AEST
90-Day Game Plan: Mindset
Trainer: Natalie C., 7 Star Golden Circle, 4 Star Crystal Executive

3:30pm AEST
90-Day Game Plan: Leadership Panel
Trainer: Isagenix Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Kathy Coover

Panel Members:

  • Emilie T. – 9 Star Platinum, 3 Star Executive
  • Warren L. – 9 Star Platinum, 7 Star Crystal Executive
  • Sarah M. – 7 Star Golden Circle, 4 Star Crystal Executive
  • Peta K. – 10 Star Platinum, 9 Star Crystal Executive