The first day of Celebration ‘Breakthrough’ 2016 was action-packed, to say the least! Samantha Jade rocked the stage with her stunning vocal opening performance as attendees got ready for a wild weekend ahead.

To kick things off with a buzz, Erik Coover busted a few famous dance moves before inviting his amazing parents, Jim and Kathy Coover to the stage as well. The vibe was pumping as everyone prepared themselves for this amazing journey they’ve all been keen to embrace.

Friday 1 April saw 5 NEW PRODUCTS launched including the AMPED™ range, Nutty Caramel Cashew IsaLean™ Bar and the first ever worldwide launch of IsaLean™ Shake Dairy Free! It’s safe to say the crowd were keen to head over to the Samples Bar in the EQ to taste and learn about these new amazing products.

Followed by the launch of the ANZ Team Isagenix– we are so proud to have such an incredible range of sporting athletes representing Team Isagenix! Check out ANZ.TeamIsagenix.com to see how you can apply and become a member!

Associates witnessed the launch of the 90-Day Game Plan as Lisa DeMayo shared some inspiration.

With IsaBody Challenge® Round 1 finalists revealed, success stories told, including Jackson Parr’s Millionaire Milestone.

What an incredible day. Stay tuned for more amazing announcements coming tomorrow and don’t forget to bring your gym gear for Breakthrough Fitness, which will be pumping all weekend in the EQ. Participate for fun and the chance to win some cool prizes!