Once you’ve made a start to change your life, it’s all about achieving the right rhythm. The fact you’ve committed to making these lifestyle changes is already a success in itself. The IsaBody Challenge® is a program that provides the best possible support, nutrition and motivation so you can COMPLETE your transformation.

We are extremely excited to announce the Round 2 IsaBody Challenge finalists!

trent h before

Home: Queensland
Age: 36
Released: 14kg

Trent has experienced the demands of shift work for the almost two decades of being an Airbus A320 commercial airline pilot. While Trent was dedicated to working out five times a week, his poor nutrition-often airline crew meals and sugary snacks- meant he struggled to achieve his desired results.


He entered the IsaBody Challenge the moment he was introduced to Isagenix® at the gym. “I rediscovered running and now have the energy to run for 30-60 minutes, five times a week,” says Trent.

Trent’s new-found energy levels attained throughout the Challenge, enabled him to progress his training to a new level. “I feel better, look better and while my sleep has greatly improved due to this healthy and active lifestyle, my clothes also feel great on me again!” he says.

heidi g before

Home: Victoria
Age: 36
Released: 31kg

Heidi was convinced her weight management struggles would be lifelong after trying numerous diets and exercise programs but seeing no results. Looking in the mirror, buying new clothes and going to the beach became regular things that she avoided at all costs.


When Heidi first encountered Isagenix, she promptly visited the official Isagenix Facebook Page to research the company, view the products and make the decision to purchase a President’s Pak.

Heidi’s transformation has allowed her to look and feel better than ever. Recovering her health through the Challenge, now there’s no looking back. “Transformation is a word that I only associated with other people. Until now. I take great pleasure in telling people I use Isagenix!” she says.

shannon m before

Home: Queensland
Age: 26
Gained: 2kg lean muscle

After an extended amount of time living an unhealthy lifestyle, Shannon began a career in Personal Training to support his growing family. During times of stress and feeling exhausted, Shannon noticed he was putting on weight, something that contradicted the results he was trying to portray to his clients.


Shannon’s sister-in-law introduced him to Isagenix. “I started with the Energy & Performance President’s Pak and enrolled in my first IsaBody Challenge. By the end of the 16 weeks I was in the best shape of my life,” says Shannon.

“The Challenge helped me to set goals, stay on track and achieve them.” While Isagenix has allowed Shannon to improve health, he’s also be able gain lean muscle. “I encourage all my friends, family and clients to join the IsaBody Challenge- I’ve already started my next one!” he says.

robyn c before

Home: Western Australia
Age: 55
Released: 7kg

Robyn was aware that she was dragging herself out of bed each morning- she knew she was struggling. She felt both physically and mentally drained from running a busy café and felt uncomfortable in her skin.


Robyn’s close friends introduced her to Isagenix. “They were both just glowing and seemed to be buzzing with endless energy. I was so jealous I could taste it. I just couldn’t wait to start,” she recalls.

While Robyn’s energy levels lifted, the IsaBody Challenge also improved her fitness. Her transformation allows her to run 8-13km each morning with ease, before a busy day ahead running her café. “My gym trainer is amazed with my results- they have not yet been able to set me a challenge that I haven’t been able to achieve!”

*Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 4.1kg with an average of 0.9kg of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix Program. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.