Get a second chance to earn Crystal status and Crystal bonuses with our Crystal Reset promotion!

We want to help you make 2017 your most successful year yet. That’s why we’ve launched the Crystal Reset promotion to give you another chance to achieve Crystal status!

From now until 12 July 2017, develop new personally enrolled Consultants and you can reach the next recognition rank – all the way up to Crystal Executive.

What Is Crystal Reset?
Isagenix is offering Associates a second chance to earn Crystal status and bonuses in our Crystal Reset promotion available to both Australian and New Zealand Associates. Bonuses are available at each tier of recognition: Crystal Manager, Crystal Director and Crystal Executive – climb all the way to Crystal Executive to earn the maximum bonus of US$2,000! This promotion will run through 12 July 2017.

The first step is to reach Crystal Manager. Qualifying Members can reach this rank by helping at least two personally enrolled Associates reach and maintain our first leadership level of Consultant by 14 March 2017. If you already have one Active Consultant, you only need to develop one more to earn this rank and the US$250 bonus! Use this tool to help new Customers get started with Isagenix and grow your business.

The next rank to strive for is Crystal Director by helping six of your personally enrolled Associates reach the rank of Consultant. Qualifying Members are eligible to earn the Crystal Director recognition status and the US$750 bonus by completing this by 13 May 2017.

Finally, to achieve Crystal status, you will want to help a total of ten of your personally enrolled Associates reach and maintain Consultant status, with five on your Left Sales Team and five on your Right Sales Team. If you achieve this by 12 July 2017, you will earn a US$1,000 bonus, Crystal Executive recognition status and become a part of the Crystal Executive League.

Executives Can Participate, Too!
If you’ve already reached Executive or Crystal Executive recognition status as of 9 January 2017, you are still eligible to participate and earn each of the Crystal Manager, Crystal Director and Crystal Executive bonuses again by developing two, six and ten new Consultants! Check out the Crystal Reset flyer to get the full details.

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