Prime Time dynamic duo, mother Posy Thomson and daughter Lisa Conyers, are a whirlwind of knowledge and inspiration. The mother-daughter dream team are bringing a whole new meaning to healthy ageing, both living physically and mentally active lifestyles.

Before Isagenix, feeling run-down and stressed was the norm for both women. “I always exercised regularly but I was struggling to reach my fitness goals,” shares Lisa. “Posy was also working four different jobs with little time off. We both needed to take control of our health.”

Their ill health was soon noticed by a close friend who believed the Isagenix® system would be perfect for the busy pair. Lisa was delighted at the prospect and jumped at the chance to use the products whereas Posy wasn’t quite so optimistic. “I thought the products were just another gimmick,” says Posy “I didn’t think I needed help either. I wanted to prove that I could stand on my own two feet.”

Within weeks of using the products, Lisa was feeling more energised, optimistic and full of purpose. “I could feel a difference in my workouts,” says Lisa. “My legs felt lighter and I had more energy to train harder. You don’t know how unwell you are until you regain your health.”

A sports scientist by trade, 48-year-old Lisa is currently re-training as a personal trainer. “I was a personal trainer back in England 20 years ago and I loved it,” says Lisa. “Helping others has given me a purpose. I didn’t want to do the standard office job. Health and wellness is my being and I’m so driven to inspire others to live like we do and have the energy that we do!”

Not one to rest on her laurels, Lisa challenged herself physically and mentally by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September last year. “Isagenix was my best friend up the mountain,” laughs Lisa. “I plan to climb the mountain again in June this year and will be accompanied by a group of equally adventurous souls.”

Impressed and inspired by her daughter’s life-changing results, Posy, now 70 years old, made the decision to give the products a try. “I began to feel lively and even started the gym for the first time at the age of 69!” says Posy. “What I’ve learnt on this journey is that most people over the age of 60 give up on having an identity. I now go to the gym 5 days a week and my mission is to make older people remember who they are; they’re interesting, they’re alive, they’re valuable.”

On a mission to show others the benefits of healthy ageing, Lisa and Posy both attend events to open their minds to growth and personal development. “The personal development encouraged and trained at Isagenix corporate events teaches us to implement the behaviour rather than simply learn it and move on,” shares Posy. “I’ve learnt so much over the past several years which has allowed me to share this incredible gift with others.”

“The new Prime Time community has given me and others a sense of belonging. Prime Time has shown me there’s a whole tribe of intelligent, healthy, loving older people ready to change the world with this gift that we’re so grateful for.”

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