Meet Allan and Sam B. – otherwise known as ‘Team Baird’. The power pair started using Isagenix® products on a friend’s recommendation a year ago and quickly noticed a positive change in their lifestyle. With friends and family asking about what they were using, it made sense to look into the business opportunity of Isagenix and by January this year their business transformation began.

Here Allan and Sam share how they recently achieved 2 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive by maximising the potential of each Isagenix contest and promotion available to them. They are both currently working their 90-Day Game Plan, accruing points for IsaDerby Hawaii and have just registered for another IsaBody Challenge®. “It just makes sense to tie these tools together – they each support the other,” says Sam.

Realising their dreams

With Allan working in the ‘fly-in-fly-out’ industry (FIFO) and Sam clocking up 80-hour weeks as an Area Manager for the airport duty-free sector, they saw the Isagenix opportunity as a way to achieve their most pressing goal – to have Sam able to stay at home with their two daughters. Working consistently on their Isagenix business, Sam was able to replace her income and realise their first goal in May this year – all while consistently cycling and earning a place at IsaDerby San Diego!

Allan and Sam Baird San Diego resize 150915“Being a part of IsaDerby San Diego was incredible for us as business-builders and as a family,” shares Allan. “The experience allowed us to unite with a larger team and grew our vision – and being able to take our daughters to Disneyland was amazing. We’re now coaching four teams for IsaDerby Hawaii because we want them to have the same life-changing experience that we did!”

“It’s been a busy year! We are very excited to be helping so many people,” adds Sam. “Our biggest dream is to support our teams to achieve their dreams. We can’t wait to bring our team to Summer Kick Off and for them to see for themselves what they can achieve.”

The building blocks of a successful team

Their recent rank advancement was a result of building their team through dedication and consistency. “We made our ‘why’ bigger than us. We benefited from the residual effect of building our team with a strong foundation,” says Allan. “We work closely with each member of our team and walk them through how to use tools like Launch Parties and competitions like IsaDerby to keep them on track.”

Allan gives some insight into the dedication to their team: “Even at US ‘Breakthrough’ Celebration in San Diego, Sam could be found in the hotel lobby at 3:00am reaching out, networking and supporting our team – in her pyjamas!”

Allan and Sam Lifestyle resize 150915Together we can change the world

Allan and Sam share their top tips for success:

– Each morning set your intentions for the day ahead

– Remind yourself of your ‘why’ and keep the dream alive!

– Look after your people – set them up for success, support them and you can’t go wrong


“We now see that Isagenix will give us the opportunity for me to leave FIFO and be at home with our family,” says Allan. “Our next goal is to have a family Christmas at home – that would be the best gift of all and it’s looking more and more likely.”

“A massive thank you to Isagenix for providing each and every person the same opportunity,” the dynamic pair add. “Together we can change the world!”


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