Sharing stories and building connections for #MondayMotivation

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One of the best ways to share Isagenix® is by sharing a story. Whether it’s your personal 30-second story, a video from Isagenix ANZ on YouTube, an IsaNews story or an ANZ.IsaFYI post, there’s sure to be a story that will resonate with each person you connect with. From business success to IsaBody transformations, here’s some inspirational stories featuring plenty of tools, tips and quotes to add to your business-building resources.

Dynamic power pair lead team by example

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Meet Allan and Sam B. – otherwise known as ‘Team Baird’. The power pair started using Isagenix® products on a friend’s recommendation a year ago and quickly noticed a positive change in their lifestyle. With friends and family asking about what they were using, it made sense to look into the business opportunity of Isagenix and by January their business transformation began.

Associate conquers IsaBody Challenge on the road

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A few years ago, Associate Heather H. was living the dream. Retired and travelling around Australia with her husband Brian, Heather gained 26kg over three years, going from a comfortable size 12 to a tight size 16. Introduced to Isagenix® by her daughter-in-law Elissa D., Heather began her journey with the President’s Pak and hasn’t looked back. Fresh from completing her first IsaBody Challenge® where she released 12.7kg, Heather is on her second round-trip of Australia and this time she has a new lifestyle to pack with her.

From running on empty to full speed ahead

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Associate Mandy N. has always led a healthy, balanced lifestyle and has continued to be a keen runner since representing Australia in the long-distance triathlon 17 years ago. After returning from a two-week beach retreat in India late last year, she found she was more exhausted and struggling to enjoy her favourite past-time of running. Deep down, Mandy knew that something in her ‘healthy’ lifestyle wasn’t working.
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