Celebration-imageMark your calendars and spread the word! The last day to purchase tickets to 2014 “Strength in Momentum” Celebration is Sunday, August 3!

If you still have not purchased a ticket to this summer’s most anticipated event and/or still need to transfer a purchased event ticket to a friend or family member, you must do so before 9 pm Pacific Time Sunday, August 3.

After Sunday, August 3, the only way you can purchase, assign or transfer tickets will be on-site at Event Registration in San Diego, California.

To purchase a Celebration ticket(s):

  1. Log in to your Back Office, click the yellow “View & Manage Events” button, and scroll until you see the “Company Events” link. Next, select your country and event.

To transfer a Celebration ticket:

  1. Log in to your Back Office “Orders” section and select the “View & Manage Events” tab. Next, select the “Downline Registrations” tab located near the bottom of the page and transfer all of your unassigned ticket(s).
  2. Once you transfer your unassigned ticket(s), please contact the specific team member(s) and let them know they have a reserved ticket waiting. That’s it!

Even more, the cost of one Celebration ticket on-site at Event Registration will be $299.

For the most up-to-the-minute event information stay with Stay with IsaFYI.com or visit IsagenixCelebration.com.