IsaU Auckland has kicked off the weekend with a bang! Today, Associates witnessed the exciting launch of the all-new Isagenix Sample Pak.

The six-piece Sample Pak will be your most valuable purchase if you are looking for the perfect and simply convenient way to share Isagenix® with any of your contacts who would like to test different products. The 5 products are packed inside an IsaShaker bottle, so you can easily share with potential customers at Launch Parties and meetings.

What’s included in the Sample Pak?

1 IsaLean™ Shake Creamy Dutch Chocolate packet
1 Fibre Snacks™ bar
1 IsaDelight™ Milk Chocolate
1 Replenish™ Lemon Lime stick
1 e+ bottle
1 IsaShaker

The Sample Pak is a seamless introduction to our solutions and can help new prospects choose which products they would like to add to their Autoship. It also makes a great gift for anybody passionate about healthy living!