1200px IsaBody Finalist Announcement June

Age: 51
Location: WA, AU
Released: 24.8kg

720px Steve W Finalist before & after

Steve W. spent much of his time disappointed that in previous weight-loss results didn’t do his physical looks or age any justice – he always reverted to unhealthy eating and drinking habits. His ‘all or nothing’ mindset set in stone after wasting a year half-heartedly using the Isagenix Shakes. “After Nina B. had introduced me to the program I found the urge one day, to make a positive change in my life,” he says. “I signed up for the IsaBody Challenge; it wasn’t long until I discovered ambition to live a healthy life.” After a dramatically life-changing transformation, Steve has decided to continue his journey on the path to success. “Isagenix is now part of my life. I am incredibly focused on my vision and goals” Steve adds. “I am currently studying to be a Personal Trainer; I am even more excited about being able to embrace a future that strives to help others succeed.”

Age: 27
Location: NSW, AU
Released: 22.9kg

720px Kayla H Finalist before & after

Kayla H. was ready for a change after trying so many previous meal replacement programs that left her feeling hungry and cheated. She had always been trying to improve her overall wellbeing and health, so when recommended to try Isagenix, she jumped at the opportunity. “I felt the results within weeks! My skin started clearing up and my hair and nails reaped the benefits of optimal nutrition,” Kayla says. “The support and motivation the IsaBody Challenge provide have been the highlight to helping me discover my potential – anybody should try this – they won’t be disappointed with the outcome.” Kayla plans to continue living a life that entails healthy choices and loves that she can rely on the convenience and satisfactory results the Isagenix system provides her, “My achievements have made a positive influence within my family, encouraging my loved one to make healthy choices too,” she confirms.

Age: 28
Location: SA, AU
Released: 3.7kg

720px Nicholas S Finalist before & after

Nicholas S. has always valued his health and respected his body, nevertheless, he was struggling to fulfill the vision and reach his potential that he had always dreamed of achieving. When finding incredible confidence in himself through the results of his first IsaBody Challenge, Nicholas decided it was time to grow further. “I always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition, so I signed up for my second Challenge to put me on the path of where I’d always wanted to be,” he says. “During the 16 weeks, I also took part in the Healthy Mind and Body program to set me up with the right mindset, needed to achieve my dreams.” Winning 3rd in the Open Men’s Fitness competition set Nicholas up for what looks to be a prosperous future. “The Challenge will remain ongoing for me – it has been one the greatest experience and I am committed to making a positive impact in this world through helping others take ownership of their health and happiness,” he concludes.

Age: 46
Location: VIC, AU
Released: 24.1kg

720px Steve F Finalist before & after

Steve F. finally bit the bullet after two years of procrastination. “Ashlee G. encouraged me to consider Isagenix when she could see the positive impact the products would have in my life,” he says. “I forever felt physically and mentally drained with my finances and social life affected too.” Eager to get more enjoyment from his life, Steve took the plunge to commit and make a healthy change for the better – he signed up for the IsaBody Challenge. “They were the most amazing 16 weeks. I’ve found energy, motivation and most importantly happiness!” he adds. “With mental clarity and structure around my nutrition, it now feels like my life makes sense.” While Steve has accomplished an incredible weight loss transformation, he’s also proved successful in other areas of his life. “In just 4 short months my business grew to 1 Star Silver Circle, and that, has absolutely blown my mind!”

*Weight loss should not be considered typical. In a study performed in 2012 by University of Illinois at Chicago researchers, subjects lost an average of 4.1kg with an average of 0.9kg of the loss from visceral fat after 30 days on an Isagenix Program. The subjects also had a greater level of adherence and had more consistent weight loss from week to week compared to subjects on a traditional diet. Always consult your physician before making any dietary changes or starting any nutrition, weight control or exercise program.