We’re so excited to be welcoming some very special guests to National Celebration! None other than John Anderson himself and the amazing Dr. Suk Cho will be taking to the stage to share everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Isagenix® products! Want to know what new products are hitting our shores? Then you won’t want to miss this!

These masters will also share their knowledge on all there is to know about the Isagenix product suite, from how products complement each other to what different ingredients actually do. Who better to learn this from than the great minds behind the products?

John-Anderson-180pxJohn Anderson

Master Formulator and Isagenix Co-founder John Anderson was already one of the most successful and well-renowned formulators of health and wellness supplements globally. His exposure to and interest in minerals began in his childhood, when his mother regularly bought a mineral supplement from a local maker. The mineral liquid was used for everything and from an early age, John knew he’d found his calling.

“Since the 1950s, I knew there was something very special waiting for me to achieve and felt something I must do on this earth,” he testified to an Associate online. “The reality of my mission was to create the core – life-changing products – and gather the gladiators whose mission is just as important as mine; to share these with the world and save one life at a time.”

The mastermind behind breakthrough products including Ionix Supreme and Product B™, John never wanted his products to be sold on store shelves, and believes wholeheartedly in the personalised approach of network marketing.

“Every member of the Isagenix family are the key to truly changing world health,” John affirms. “But Isagenix is only a vehicle for the members who ARE Isagenix.”

DrSukCho-PPTDr. Suk Cho

Heading up Isagenix’s 25-strong full-time science team, Dr. Suk Cho plays an integral role in product concepts and development and overseeing international regulation and quality management.

Dr. Cho is making his way to Australia for the very first time, and we’re honoured to hear about all the latest products that he’s working on!

“After hearing so much about what was happening Down Under, I just knew that I had to come witness it for myself,” Dr. Cho says. “The incredible success stories, the positive energy, the motivation – I want to be part of it. I know that the astounding growth in Australia and New Zealand has a lot to do with the positive, motivated team we have, both on the Associate and corporate side. I can’t wait to experience all these breakthrough stories on my first trip to Australia and New Zealand.”

“I also can’t wait to share what we have in store for Australia and New Zealand in the future,” he continues. “I’ll be presenting some of our product developments including those related to new products being launched as well as reformulations. I’m excited to share news about scientific studies that we’re involved in funding that further validate the efficacy of our products. The findings are sure to directly impact Aussie and Kiwi Associates’ businesses, as well as the company’s growth as a whole. It’s great to be with a company that transform lives.”