720x720px-IsaOmegaWe’re excited to announce the launch of IsaOmega™ onstage at Summer Kick Off!

A new addition to our suite of Isagenix® supplements and vitamins, IsaOmega meets our stringent No-Compromise Quality standards.

Featuring highly concentrated omega-3 oils freshly sourced under sustainability certification and contained in a lemon-flavoured softgel capsule, this new addition is sure to enhance your Isagenix product experience!

Introducing IsaOmega

  • Freshest omega-3 oils available in the market
  • Highly concentrated
  • Optimal dose for heart, cognitive and joint health
  • Lemon-flavoured softgel capsules leave no aftertaste
  • Direct from the source
  • Certified sustainability
  • Patented purification process
  • Tested by third party accredited lab tested for purity and potency
  • Registered with the TGA

IsaOmega is available NOW on the Back Office!