720x720px-What-Drives-UsAt the foundation of our success is a firmly established culture that motivates, inspires and drives us to achieve and exceed our goals. The Isagenix® culture is what differentiates us and makes us unique.

To support our long-term goal of preserving our culture – now and in the future – we created a brand-new program that defines what we stand for. We’re calling it What Drives Us.

What Drives Us consists of 12 core values. With these values, we have high expectations not only for our corporate team, but also for our Associates who are at the forefront of our success every day.

Our 12 core values

  • Health
  • Freedom
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Contribution
  • Gratitude
  • Goal-driven
  • Purpose
  • Transformation
  • Leadership development
  • Fun
  • Family

Putting our values down on paper for the world to see may be vulnerable, and some would say a risky endeavour, but it was non-negotiable for Jim and Kathy. What Drives Us explains our core values in great detail and it can be found at Isagenix.com under the ‘Culture’ tab by clicking on ‘What Drives Us’.

“We truly believe our values are one of the things that have made us so successful as we keep expanding,” says Kathy Coover, Co-Founder and Executive Vice President. “We train and engrain these values into our people.”

“Culture is at the heart of Isagenix. It is what makes us unique and what has fuelled our past, current and future successes,” says Kevin Adams, Chief Executive Officer. “Our What Drives Us values are already present throughout Isagenix. The beauty in our recent efforts of creating the document isn’t to introduce something new, but to take what is already there and to breathe more life into it – to define it more deeply and to celebrate who we are and the values that have shaped how we do our work for the past 13 years.”

Our Associate leaders are already helping us cascade our culture throughout the field as new members join Isagenix. This document and our renewed focus on our values will only enhance and strengthen the values that were established when Jim and Kathy Coover co-founded Isagenix in 2002. The message starts from the top and is woven into everything we do both internally and externally, from the time one of our employees first walks through the door to the time one of our customers opens his or her first order.

“What Drives Us brings life to the words that describe what matters most to us,” shares Kevin Snyder, Isagenix Vice President of Corporate Communications and International Marketing Services. “It helps articulate how we are successful and what binds us as one team.”

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