Millionaire Mindset insights on this week’s Platinum Call

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Scott Wood joins us for the next Platinum Call as he shares his experiences and insights gained along the way to Isagenix® Millionaire, 9 Star Platinum, 10 Star Crystal Executive. Be sure to dial in at 8:00pm AEDT (Sydney time) on Monday 12 October!

Sharing stories and building connections for #MondayMotivation

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One of the best ways to share Isagenix® is by sharing a story. Whether it’s your personal 30-second story, a video from Isagenix ANZ on YouTube, an IsaNews story or an ANZ.IsaFYI post, there’s sure to be a story that will resonate with each person you connect with. From business success to IsaBody transformations, here’s some inspirational stories featuring plenty of tools, tips and quotes to add to your business-building resources.

Opportunity opens up a world of possibilities

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If you’d told Heidi and Lal in October 2012 that in less than three years they’d be celebrating their announcement as Isagenix Millionaires, they’d have told you that you were dreaming. Fast forward to today and these once overworked parents of two have built freedom for themselves and a lasting legacy for their family. Through Isagenix they've found a vehicle for transforming their health and wealth and by sharing the Isagenix opportunity with others, have changed lives around the world. Thank you, Heidi and Lal for contributing to the lives of many and congratulations on becoming the 14th Isagenix ANZ Millionaires! For more information visit

Successful parents of five are now Isagenix Millionaires!

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Congratulations, Millionaires No. 151! Brett and Samantha are Isagenix Millionaires No. 12 for Australia and New Zealand and No. 151 globally! After opening a CrossFit gym in their local community on the Gold Coast in Queensland, the couple found themselves working around the clock instead of leading their business. Now Isagenix Millionaires, the couple agree that building an Isagenix business was about planning around time commitments.
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