Regaining Vitality with the IsaBody Challenge

As a mother of two young children, Simone De Graaf leads a busy life. After living a relatively healthy and active lifestyle with little thought and concern about her health and weight, Simone soon began to notice a change in her body after her 35th birthday. “At the age of 35, something happened,” Simone shares. “I soon noticed I was gaining excess weight and my energy levels were dropping rapidly. I would come home from work and dread performing daily tasks such as cooking dinner and caring Continue reading →

On a Mission with the IsaBody Challenge

Donna Birt is a woman on a mission. Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Donna’s found herself a single mother with a huge amount of responsibility. After gaining 21 kgs during her pregnancy, she was in a rut and was eager to set a positive example for her daughter. Discover how she transformed her life with the help of the IsaBody Challenge. Continue reading →