Former AFL Player and Team Isagenix Athlete Takes Control of His Destiny

Retiring from AFL after 13 years of representing the Melbourne Football Club, Russell Robertson found himself at a loss. Struggling to rediscover a sense of self and maintain his athleticism, Russell was in search of a solution. Discover how the professional athlete has transformed his future with Isagenix. Continue reading →

Creating a Community with the START Movement

It is hard to imagine Kalistah Shaw as anything but the picture of health and wellness. Radiating confidence, the passionate START member and successful model found her path with Isagenix after a period of burning the candle at both ends had left her feeling lethargic, bloated and lacking direction. Discover how Kalistah found her path and her community with the START movement. Continue reading →

Making Dreams a Reality with the 100 Pound Club

Before Isagenix, Andrew Stiver lacked confidence. A self-professed ‘couch-potato’, Andrew lived a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in health struggles that impacted significantly on his physical and mental wellbeing. Weighing in at 138 kgs, Andrew knew he needed to make a change. Discover how Andrew transformed his life and gained entry to the 100 Pound Club. Continue reading →