1200px Nick Sward IsaBody Finalist

Before joining the IsaBody Challenge®, Nick S. was treading water when it came to his health and fitness.

“The passion, drive, competitive spirit and discipline that I have now gained was non-existent,” he says. “I wasn’t living life to the fullest, wasn’t following my dreams and my health definitely needed improvement.”

Lacking self-esteem and motivation, Nick had big dreams that he found himself unable to fulfill. “I had a dream of competing in a bodybuilding competition but I wasn’t prioritising my goals,” reflects Nick. “I wasn’t focusing on personal development so I was not progressing mentally which truly limited my physical progression.”

After joining his first IsaBody Challenge, a flame was ignited deep within Nick. “I began to learn what health truly is,” he shares. “After I began using the Isagenix® program and exercising regularly, I gained a true respect for my physical and mental health.” Nick’s confidence continued to grow and after completing his first IsaBody Challenge, he made the decision to fulfill his lifelong dream and participate in a natural bodybuilding competition.

Nick registered for his second IsaBody Challenge to help him prepare for the competition. “The bodybuilding competition happened to fall just over 16 weeks from finishing my first Challenge,” says Nick. “It felt like destiny.”

Personal development is a large part of Nick’s success, crediting the Healthy Mind and Body program and the supportive IsaBody community to his growth. “In the lead up to the bodybuilding competition I knew I had to continue to work on my mind, not just my body,” explains Nick. “The Healthy Mind and Body program assisted me in gaining mental strength and awareness. This is so important for an aspiring bodybuilder. Some people forget that it isn’t just your body that you need to develop and strengthen.”

Family is a big part of Nick’s life, with his sister, Tara, and partner, Jo, all participating in the Challenge with him. “We all motivate each other. We help each other to reach for our dreams and live up to our infinite potential.”

“The IsaBody Challenge has shown me that I am worthy. I’m committed to sharing this gift with the world and am driven to help others discover their true potential. I’m leading by example by following my dreams and will continue to #startcompleterepeat for life!”