whatYour10-BUSINESS-IsaFYI-510x510 111015When it comes to building a successful Isagenix® business, many people are looking for that one exciting idea to give them a little extra boost.

You’ve probably kept up with the 90-Day Game Plan, memorised all of the sales tools and watched the new Why Isagenix? video 100 times to really know your stuff.

Have you ever thought about incorporating the IsaBody Challenge® into your arsenal of business building strategies?

Many of us look at the Challenge as strictly a physical journey – 16 weeks of improving yourself on the outside, maybe even becoming one of the incredible Finalists in the process. However, there is another side to the IsaBody Challenge that often goes unnoticed: IsaBody can be an incredible tool for your business.

10 tips for building your business with the IsaBody Challenge

1.   Wear your IsaBody shirts

IsaBody shirts and gear are a great way to get the conversation started. Whether you’re at your Launch Parties, the gym, or simply out and about, represent the IsaBody Challenge with your gear.

2.      Play an IsaBody video at your Launch Parties

People love seeing real people with real results. IsaBody videos are the perfect way to show what a person can accomplish in this 16-week transformational journey. Remember, each story is unique, and you never know who will be touched by the stories you choose to share.

3.      Introduce the IsaBody Challenge with Isagenix

When you talk to someone about Isagenix, tell them about the IsaBody Challenge. It gives them added accountability and motivation when beginning with Isagenix. Use the IsaBody Challenge to help new customers feel part of a greater community.

4.      Encourage new members to begin their IsaBody Challenge right away

It’s all about getting started right away. You can even have new members join the IsaBody Challenge while they are waiting for their first system to arrive. The aim is to help people reach their goals and then exceed them!

5.      Walk people through it

Help your team members join the IsaBody Challenge – literally. Walk your team through their Back Office, show them how to find the IsaBody Challenge section and help them understand what they need to do when they join, such as taking ‘before’ photos, teaching about judging periods and making sure they understand the rules of the Challenge. Be sure to explain the rules and FAQ.

6.      Be a support system

Doing it alone can be difficult. After you have walked new members through how to join the Challenge, don’t stop there! Be there to support them on their transformational journey by providing product information, tips for staying strong and simply being the encouraging voice that helps push them along.

Keep people motivated with texts, emails, encouraging social media posts and getting them to add themselves to Isagenix Facebook groups. An inspired member is more likely to complete the Challenge, which, in turn, will benefit your business by boosting retention and order baskets.

7.      Encourage IsaBody Challenge participants to make lifestyle changes

Though focusing on improving their nutrition is an incredible step, there are even more ways to help a team member succeed in their Challenge, including starting a fitness program, getting better sleep and learning to cope with stress. Teach your team about new products that they can try to help with each of these areas along the way.

8.      Join your own Challenge

No one wants to take advice from someone who promotes something they do not actually do themselves. Lead by example by being a product of the product and join the IsaBody Challenge yourself. You may find that your personal journey helps make you more capable of encouraging others to follow your steps to begin their own journey.

9.      Use social media to broadcast your journey

Share your progress for each Challenge by posting pictures of your successes on social media. This creates curiosity and before you know it, people will be reaching out to you to ask what you’re doing. The IsaBody Challenge helps you create a story that makes it inviting to other people to go along with you on your journey.

10.  Stay consistent

During your IsaBody Challenge, staying consistent is key. Long-term consistency will show that the results of the IsaBody Challenge – both physically and using it to grow your business – are real and attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the work.

Be consistent with your workouts, nutrition and personal growth. Your business will only grow to the extent that you grow yourself. Your body is the same way.

What’s your story?

No matter where you are in your IsaBody Challenge, we’d love to hear from you! Have you got some top tips to stay on track, a motivational quote, a picture of your vision board or an inspirational story you’d love to share?

Email us at [email protected] and we could be sharing your success!