After serving in the army for ten years, Robina Hamilton knows a thing or two about climbing the ranks. It was a quick rise through the army ranks for Robina, who credits her success to her competitive mindset.

It’s the same mindset that saw her rank advance from Director to Executive within a week. Having just reached one of the highest milestones as an Isagenix Associate, Robina is using her competitive mindset to build a solid foundation for her business.

“Once I reach the top and get into momentum, I like to keep going,” says Robina. “Now that I’ve reached Executive, my goal is to stay there, which means creating more consultants in case some people drop off over time.”

Her goal is vastly different from when she first started her Isagenix business in December 2018. When her full-time online Toy store went quiet after selling out of stock over Christmas, Robina decided to begin her Isagenix business to keep busy over the New Year and to put towards her Isagenix products.

Although she made a rapid jump from Director to Executive, her business has grown steadily over time and hasn’t been without its challenges.

“I haven’t always been consistent, I was quite laid back in the beginning whereas this year I’ve been more switched on and I’ve wanted it a bit more,” she says. “It’s pretty easy in the first few months when everyone notices the change in you, but once you get past that it does become harder, and it’s important to be consistent.”

Not knowing anything about the world of network marketing only added to Robina’s challenges. As a result, the mother of two utilised all the resources she could to get herself up to speed.

“I attended almost every event last year and try to learn from industry experts,” says Robina. “I’m still learning. I listen to how the leaders grow their businesses, and it’s a matter of trying new things and seeing what works for you.”

Between running her own business full time, raising two kids and helping people make a healthy change with her Isagenix business, it can be tough to find enough time in a day to stay on top of her game. However, the flexibility of working online has made a world of difference.

“I’ve been able to connect with Associates from Canada who help keep me accountable, and they’re always looking out for me if there’s some any talks or workshops overseas that will help me grow.”


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