IsaFYI-Millionaire-Sucess-Story-136-500x5002 Helen NicoleMeet Isagenix Millionaires No. 137! Helen and Nicole are best friends and business partners. Together, they co-own two very successful medical clinics and one profitable Isagenix business, all specialising in healthy ageing.

“I’m the CEO of our medical clinics doing the treatments and overseeing the medical staff,” shares Nicole. “Helen is the general manager of the clinics and also manages our Isagenix business.”

With that comes 10-hour days.

“Dinner consists of us going across the street to ‘The Boardroom,’ a local restaurant to eat and discuss the following day’s agenda,” adds Nicole.

Jumping at the Opportunity

Establishing their Isagenix business was accidental, in fact, it only happened because their close friend, Suzanne, came to visit. A previous master Pilates instructor, Suzanne talked about products she was taking and how incredible they made her feel. The proof was in her finely-toned body and glowing skin.

“I told Suzanne, ‘whatever it is you’re doing I’ll have a pack straight away,’” explains Nicole. “I knew nothing about the products except that my dear friend looked incredible.”

Having known a thing or two about network marketing, Nicole also knew to ask if the products were part of a network marketing company.

“When Suzanne said ‘yes,’ I immediately asked about the business,” recalls Nicole, “and jumped at the opportunity to add Helen and my sister, Kerie, to my team.”

Helen, on the other hand, was far more reluctant.

Realising There’s More to Life

“I said no,” says Helen. “It was multi-level marketing and I was not going near it.”

Having built a very reputable, high-profile clinic within the industry, Helen was focused on protecting their brand.

It took almost five months for Helen to come around and that only happened because they won a trip to Top Achievers.

“That weekend I got it!” cites Helen, “I realised I was just living a life of existence and that there was more to life than just working and missing out on my family life.”

That same weekend they made a commitment to put more focus into building their business. They also decided to pass off some of Helen’s administrative responsibilities within the clinic to other staff. That left Nicole fully committed to the clinic and Helen more focused on Isagenix. While it wasn’t their ideal solution, it afforded them the ability to balance all three businesses.

Envisioning a New Future

Once they established their Isagenix business, they would consider selling their medical clinics.

To their surprise, this dynamic duo ignited their Isagenix income in less than three years,* earning more money than both their medical practices combined.

“Now we have both practices on the market and with interested buyers,” says Helen and Nicole.

If you asked these ladies a few years back what they envisioned their future would look like, they would have said, building their clinics.

“But, Isagenix took us on another journey, one that allows more time freedom,” says Nicole.

* Isagenix Millionaires are defined as Isagenix Associates who have cumulatively earned $1 million or more with Isagenix. Earning levels for Isagenix Independent Associates depend on time and commitment and may vary. For more information visit