We are delighted to announce that two outstanding couples from Australia have accepted some of the year’s biggest awards at US 2015 ‘Breakthrough’ Celebration Gala! Allan and Lari Hilzinger, 7 Star Golden Circle, 8 Crystal Executive, have received a Spirit of Isagenix® award and  Isagenix Millionaires Brett Davis and Samantha Gascoigne, 10 Star Platinum, 11 Star Crystal Executive, were awarded International Leader of the Year!

HeadShots-Allan-Lari-500x500px-300x300Spirit of Isagenix Award

This is a special voter’s choice award given to three Associates onstage at Celebration. These Associates were chosen from across the globe because they exemplify the Isagenix mission statement and culture. Allan and Lari Hilzinger from the Gold Coast, Queensland, have consistently represented these qualities as they continue to build their Isagenix business.

Here’s what General Manager of Australia, Angus Love, had to say about them:

“Allan and Lari have been with Isagenix since January 2014. In a short amount of time, they’ve gone above and beyond to support individual members of their team succeed with our products and wealth creation model.”

Allen-and-Lari-1-300x200 US 081015

“They’ve demonstrated exemplary leadership skills by not only focusing on their own personal development…but on the development of each and every one of their team members. They train, coach, inspire and lead with love and wisdom.”

Here’s what their Isagenix peers had to say about them:

“They always give, give, and give without any expectation of something in return.”

“They keep me motivated and help me in so many ways. I love being part of this amazing journey with them!”

Brett-Davis-Samantha-Gascoigne-200x300International Leader of the Year

This esteemed award is given to an International Leader who energetically mentors their team and has made substantial contributions to the growth of Isagenix. The winner is calculated using the monthly Millionaire in Action formula plus two important additions: personal rank advancements and attendance at the US Celebration and NYKO in the 12 months. We are excited to announce the winners Brett Davis and Samantha Gascoigne, also from the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Isagenix ANZ celebrates the hard work and dedication of these two inspiring couples. Congratulations!

“They are having a major impact on international growth for Isagenix through their unbreakable belief and leadership.” – Sharron Walsh