Millionaire No. 122


It was a devastating experience. Walking into the CrossFit gym which they owned and ran. Alec and Debbie Munn were financially and emotionally overwhelmed. A storm had washed through their hometown of Bundaberg leaving their financial assets in a bind. Debbie had even lost her car and house.

“That was a big setback that switched off the Isagenix flame,” shares Alec. “The flood took our focus away from everything for a while. Attending Celebration in Australia a short time after gave us the fuel to move forward.”


Thinking Big

The couple was introduced to Isagenix by friends Jen and Jono in 2011. Alec and Debbie were curious initially. As fitness trainers, they were already eating healthy foods and accomplished ‘above average’ workouts on a daily basis.

“We were two very normal people running a business and a home, with two small children, and putting in lots of hours at the gym,” shares Debbie. “I was always really tired every night; we’d both crash at 10 pm and then drag ourselves out of bed the next day.”

With that, the two started on the 30-Day Program. Alec lost 6kgs* and Debbie lost 5.*

“We didn’t have big weight-loss goals, but we certainly appreciated the kgs lost as well as the energy boost!” shares Alec.

Why Now?

“After a good 12 months of being on the products, we started sharing our experience with people that saw the difference in us,” said Alec. “Back in 2011, we hadn’t even thought about building a business from it.”

Now as 8-Star Platinum, Crystal Executives, they feel fortunate to have not only recovered from the flood but to have also created the life of their dreams and been able to share the gift of Isagenix with others who are also doing the same.

The couple shares that they were searching for their “why” for quite some time.

“We didn’t have a definable ‘why’ for a very long time,” admits Alec. Debbie agrees, “we felt like we needed this big huge ‘why.’ But we realised that what was motivating us early on, developed and grew constantly – our ‘why’ changes all of the time.”

The two feel very fortunate to be able to support their family, live an amazing life and to be in a position to help so many other people.

“We are so lucky and grateful for what Isagenix has given us. Our goal is to bring as many people with us as possible,” shares Debbie. “We tell people all the time that there’s no secret to this. If you’re a nice, genuine and caring person who’s motivated and works consistently, you’re almost guaranteed success.”