180px-Body-Balance-Angela-ZeilinskiOnly days after announcing our exciting Crystal Bonus Reset promotion,  Associates like Angela are cashing in.

This wonderful new opportunity gave Autoship Associates another chance to earn up to $2,000 in extra cash, whilst achieving a new Crystal Rank!

For Angela Zielinksi, this was the second chance to succeed.

After working super hard in the first 6 months to achieve Crystal Executive, Angela unfortunately missed out. She used this opportunity to revaluate her reasons for doing the business and created an action- plan around her team.

“The Crystal Bonus Reset was the kick-start that I needed, figuring out the ‘why’ for my team and I, allowed me to gain confidence. With that confidence I could share my real passion and belief in the business. Everything just fell into place and the conversation just changed”.

Angela now a proud Crystal Executive, 2-Star Golden Circle has a clear vision. After a tough year financially, the extra money is going towards a long overdue family holiday.

“I feel so blessed, with money coming in, my cycles up, the Isagenix business just keeps getting better! My team are so supportive and I’m truly gracious”.

This is a great opportunity for you and your team to kick start your earnings. This global promotion is open to all Autoship Associates enrolled before 13 January 2014. Spread the word and give your team members an extra incentive.

All Associates who achieve a new Crystal rank will also receive a recognition pin and certificate to celebrate your success aswell. Chase those Crystal bonuses and you’ll also be even closer to your personal target as part of our $500 Million Together We Will promotion!