200px-30K-Executive-Bonus-PoolWhen we told our hard-working Associates they could pocket up to $10,000 a month on top of their weekly pay cheques, they took action!

These Associates have demonstrated their commitment to Isagenix® and their overwhelming support for their team. These amazing Associates, our partners, are the driving force on our journey to $1 Billion!

Plus, now you have even more opportunity to grab your share of the cash. We’ve extended the Executive Bonus Pool until September 2013!

Here’s what our June winners had to say…

100px-Scott-Leanne-Wood“Since attending Celebration in March we’ve been so inspired to have a greater participation in the bonus pools and to focus on supporting the new and existing leaders in our team to grow their business. This strategy has been highly successful and our team is experiencing exponential growth. We continue to enrol and we’re attracting many great new leaders to our team who are inspired by our success. The size of our team and our monthly income has tripled since Celebration four months ago and the bonus pools have been a key component of our success”. Scott and Leanne W., QLD

100x100-Lynne-Fitzpatrick“It actually came as a surprise to me, I was like ‘oh how cool, I got money for nothing!’. The money means I can afford another trip home to my family this year. I feel very lucky to be involved with such an amazing company who every week looks after me and surprises me financially.” Lynn F., WA

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