Congratulations to Ben K. Isagenix Millionaire no. 19 in ANZ and 185 globally.


Former Semi-Professional Soccer Player, Ben K., may have portrayed a physically fit image of an endurance athlete to others, however, prior to Isagenix®, what Ben felt on the inside was a totally different story.

The Truth Hurts
Like many sporting personalities, Ben’s goals changed from time to time. “I wanted to gain muscle and improve my body shape; it was my last resort to boosting my low self-esteem,” he says. “So I was committed. Putting all my time and energy into the gym seemed like the only way to gain self-value.”

Ben’s sister and fellow Isagenix Millionaire* Peta K., was using Isagenix at this time. Peta’s qualifications in Exercise and Health Science and knowing the products worked was her motive for getting Ben started. “I was using lots of supplements, prepping healthy meals and training hard, but the results didn’t show,” Ben says. His sister suggested some ideas but Ben’s ego restricted him from considering any. “I didn’t want the confirmation that what I was previously doing was wrong, so I rejected the concept for 6 months,” he says.

But things soon changed – the evidence stood in front of his eyes. “I couldn’t help but notice a whole new posture and energy that showed in Peta,” Ben recalls.

A Leap of Faith
Eventually, the tables turned and Ben decided to sit down with Peta to discuss the whole Isagenix system. “I took the plunge as it made sense to put some of the very little money I had, towards something that would actually get me the results I was after,” Ben says.

Suffering with stress of financial debt and battling with the physical demands of his job, Ben took the leap of faith. “Straight away, the products gave me more energy and I was able to sleep better,” he adds. “This meant a lot to me because I’d had enough of struggling to cope with physical strain on my body.”

While using the products for a solid 14 months, Ben didn’t share them with anyone. “I had no idea about Network Marketing, but when Peta showed me how it works, the idea of just being able to get enough money to pay for my products felt amazing!” he recalls. “Theoretically, this meant I could put money into other aspects of my life to create just a little bit of freedom.”

Like many, Ben assumed Network Marketers had to be of a certain personality to be successful. “I was just happy feeling good and being the product user,” he mentions. “But it wasn’t until the first Isagenix event I attended where all walks of life took the stage, that I figured I could be part of this.”

A Blessing in Disguise
Ben continued to attend Isagenix events and his knowledge developed, looking back, he realizes that he had no idea of the full potential that lay before him. “I only went along with others to have fun and embrace the culture – I enjoyed the company and everything I was learning,” he says. “Then at my first Celebration, everything clicked.”

Ben’s acceptance of the industry grew to a point where he told himself it would be him on stage one day. “I finally believed I could move forward from everything holding me back – a supreme belief kicked in, he says. “I knew that once I had helped myself, I could go on to help others.”

Delving deep into the culture, Ben’s team spirit kicked in when he entered into an IsaDerby. “I didn’t want to let the team down and before I knew it, we were jetting off to Vegas!” Ben says. “Rewarded with travel for working hard to help others is a huge sentiment for me and I will never forget this – I’d never had the opportunity to travel before Isagenix!”

When finding security, Ben quit his job on a mission to progress further and find more rewarding, positive emotion in his life. “Ending my previous role was nothing to do with money; I was simply happy to wake up in the mornings and know I have the choice to earn more money and look after my mother,” he says. “I value our solid Isagenix group in Perth because we feed off each other with knowledge and provide value for one another – this was a huge turning point.”

Shifting from once being someone too afraid to speak up to discovering the impact of personal value and confidence, Ben’s mindset changed. “Who would believe that somebody so bogged down with low self-esteem would now be talking on stage in front of thousands?” he says. “I learnt and applied everything; this brought me to a place of significance and my transition is a testament for the personal development journey Isagenix provides.”

Now forever grateful for his past, Ben understands the importance to him of his previous mistakes and lack of self-awareness he once had. “I thought the way to get ahead was having a job, house, car and kids,” he says. “I didn’t want to fail my family but when my belief aligned with the Isagenix vision I knew I wanted to get something out of life because the idea of having to live my other life; that scared me more.”

Embracing the Hurdles
To maintain positive growth, Ben believes the key to his success is not only teaming up with some extraordinary people, but also sustaining an unwavering attitude. “I’m so thankful for my team because without them, I wouldn’t be able to live this life of value,” Ben says. “We stay committed, coachable and enjoy the journey no matter what is thrown our way.”

Many struggle to, but Ben reminds himself about the truth of making mistakes. “This is our biggest gift – we learn from falling over so if people think they’ll have a perfect run, they’re only fooling themselves,” he claims. “We get nothing from trying to be perfect because we simply won’t take action, so we all need to accept the mistakes we make because it’s healthy!”

A START Ambassador, Ben, now 7 Star Golden Circle, 2 Star Executive, says that this is one of the definitive highlights. “START gives me a great sense of purpose and I’m fortunate enough to be considered as a leader of helping others discover their potential,” he adds. “When you get to this level you truly understand the meaning of contribution; the outcome is beyond fulfilling.”

Many will agree that Network Marketing can sometimes be tough, nevertheless Ben confirms he’s confident about the future for anyone who is part of Isagenix. “What we’ve got is a home and if you’ve already been blown away, well, we’re just getting started,” he says. “I just wish everyone could see through my eyes because their certainty would be unlimited – I am humble to be surrounded by incredibly authentic people who set an example for others. I have supreme belief and if I can be just half of what the Coover’s are, then I’m going to be doing some seriously special things in the future!”

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