Lolita and David Conboy are the busy parents of six children, six grandchildren and the owners of a successful Chiropractic clinic. With so much on their plate, it’s no surprise the couple began to struggle with some health issues. “I had suddenly gained excess weight and was constantly tired, anxious and sluggish,” says David. “Lolita was the same. It crept up on us before we had time to even notice the changes.”

After the realisation that they needed to make a change to their lifestyle, Lolita and David were visited by their son, Daniel, who was using the Isagenix® products and introduced them to the system. “As a health professional for many years, I was surprised that I’d never come across Isagenix before,” says David. “I did further research on the products and was very impressed by the company mission statement, the integrity of the products and the business plan.” Lolita wasn’t so keen. “Honestly, I thought it was just another fad,” shares Lolita. “I wasn’t particularly interested nor did I think the products could help me.”

Eager for change, David began using the products, with Lolita shortly following suit despite her disbelief in the products. “My wellbeing changed immensely,” shares David. “I’d been exercising for years with no improvement but after using the Isagenix products, I was able to release 11kgs of excess weight.” Lolita also released 8kgs of excess weight and her opinion of the products changed dramatically. “I regained my energy levels and was sleeping better than ever. I became the person I was 20 years prior.”

Along with better physical health, the couple realised ageing healthily didn’t just mean obtaining physical health. “Personal development and keeping the mind active is a very important part of healthy ageing that many neglect,” says David. “Attending events and participating in the Healthy Mind and Body program has been invaluable to our individual personal development. It allowed both of us to re-discover our identities.”

In particular, Lolita struggled with her identity after all six of her children moved out of home. “I’d been ‘mum’ for so long I forgot how to be anything else,” shares Lolita. “I found my calling in helping others achieve their health goals which has allowed me to re-establish my identity.”

“The Prime Time community allows more senior people an outlet to nurture as individuals and as a group. Getting older doesn’t have to mean we give up on our health and our minds,” shares Lolita. “The Prime Time community demonstrates the importance of healthy ageing and we can’t wait to see this amazing community expand and develop.”

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