EPA23908Nominations for the Heart of Isagenix award will close on Wednesday 15 January. If you know someone who embodies all things Isagenix then we want to hear from you!

Here’s what we’re looking for in this special person…

    Frequently goes out of their way to help and inspire others to reach new heights
    Clearly sets organisational direction and purpose within their team
    Displays and reflects unique strengths, culture, values and beliefs that align with our Isagenix mission
    Helps everyone believe that they’re part of something bigger than themselves by being a part of Isagenix
    Holds open meetings and regularly volunteers to train and help others to better our company as a whole
    Communicates regularly with their team all while growing in cycles and rank advancements
    Supports and attends Isagenix events regularly including Celebration, IsaUni and University in Action

To nominate someone for this award please email our Recognition Specialist, Jeremy Plaisance at jeremy.plaisance@IsagenixCorp.com with the subject heading of Heart of Isagenix Nomination and include the following information…

  • Nominator Name and ID number
  • Nominator’s relationship to Nominee
  • Nominee’s name and ID number (if known)
  • Nominee’s join date (minimum of one year with Isagenix to qualify)
  • Why you are nominating this individual of couple for the Heart of Isagenix award (1000 words maximum)

We’re accepting nominations until Wednesday 15 January so make sure you get yours in before the cut off date! Voting will open on Monday 20 January 2014.