When 2 Star Crystal Executive, Jasmine Robson first joined Isagenix she thought that rank advancement seemed out of reach; even enroling someone was a challenge at first. However, after seeing others around her succeed, Jasmine was inspired and determined to get started…

“What I recommend is just immersing yourself in the jas1 (2)business. I attend every single team Opportunity Meeting – whether I have someone to take or not! I’ve also been to all of the Super Saturdays and I was jumping out of my skin with excitement about attending my FIRST corporate event at IsaUni Brisbane which was just amazing. I’d recommend IsaUni to everyone. They will change your entire mindset and make you reevaluate how you run your business.

Listen to what every trainer and leader in the field has to say. I listen to people like David Wood, Peta Kelly, Susan Sly, Michael Clouse, Jeff Olsen and any other inspiring person I can find. Use the tools provided too and listen to Podcasts whenever you can – when driving, getting ready for work, showering and cleaning!

I also do everything with my team. Being in a highly motivated team in the IsaDerby was amazing. You want to do the best you can for your team, because everyone wants to win so badly. You don’t want to miss out because you didn’t show up and put in 100 per cent.

At first, becoming a 1 Star Executive seemed near impossible but with the encouragement and guidance of Carmen Rumsey and Jackson Parr, I set my sights on 1 Star and achieved it. Then 2 Star. Now I’m firmly fixed on hitting 3 Star Crystal Executive and can’t wait to achieve that next milestone.

My last rank advancement was definitely the result of a team effort. Our team held a Blitz Week and dedicated extra time to follow up previous connections and to also make new connections. It was a busy week of 3-Way Facebook messages and 3-Way Calls.

We gave each other daily progress updates and discussed what it would take to get everyone to their individual goals; we were constantly motivating each other and cheering each other on. We had our eyes on the prize for the whole week, and we celebrated every success along the way.

This achievement means so much to me. I’m now aiming for Planet Platinum and complete financial and time freedom, but what excites me the most is seeing the people in my team, some of my best friends, hitting their goals. I love helping them achieve their dreams.

My biggest tip to everyone is DON’T GIVE UP! Write down your goal and the date you want to achieve it then work out what it will take to get there, whether it be to connect with 3, 5 or 10 new people a day. DO IT! NOTHING is impossible! Set your mind to it and go for it!”